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The weather has been above average. Sweet sunshine and breezy cool days that we all dream of in Austin while we are under the balmy weight of August.
God am I writing about the weather already?
It’s not that bad.

It’s not like what you say at a party, when there is nothing to talk about ” God, don’t you just love this weather?” or “I can’t believe this day we are having.”
I did that last night, twice, at two seperate places. I know that only one of those statements was a deep belly cry to escape the superficiality and awkwardness of forced chit chat. The other times I spoke those words, just as above were genuine. It is not so nice here during the summer. So, on nice days, you can expect to hear that statement many times.
Today, after a few errands I ventured back to the Alamo fo the continuing saga of Fantastic Fest.
First up was Hatchet. I liked it in an 80s slasher kind of way. The director was there and it was neat to hear how he assembled the cast of slasher icon personnas for cameos. Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Toy Todd etc = Freddy, Jason, CandyMan etc.
Next up was Bug. A horror picture from the hands of William Freidkin. The name might ring a few bells. You know the guy who made the French Connection and The Exorcist.
This film was a trip. It was a schizo fest to say it shortly. Very well acted and scripted from a long running play.

Seeyou tomorrow…………..

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