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SXSW ‘11 = Microcosm of Life. Like life, she isn’t fair. Sometimes outright cruel. But, by and by, if you allow the current to take you where you NEED go, she gives you the magic baubles right when you need it most that make life worth living. Simple as that…
So, even though she’s growing, much bigger than anyone anticipated, with all the inherent ills and commiserate hells that go along with such unprecedented growth (and I certainly had my beefs with lack of parking and unavailability of cabs-causing to miss 3 movies in one day!), when all was said and done, SXSW ‘11 was, again, a most magical, worthwhile journey and I’m a better person, much much richer for the experience.
Consider this treatise a hat doffed.
Hail! Hail!
Y tan va…

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