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I owe a bit of gratitude to QT. He raised the bar this summer. I loved this movie. From the opening scene, I was hooked. The homage paid to past great and not so great moments in cinema history was like fly paper for me. I take that back, one of the the things I have learned from Quentin at all the QT fests is that good and bad are relative in cinema. Great things exist in most films. You just have to be willing to find them.

Christophe Waltz owned the screen. His villain had me trembling.  This film is not a remake. The over the top nazi killing happens but it is not a bulk part of the film.  There is drama going on that does not directly involve the basterds. Well, not at first.
Forget what you expect this film to be about. It won”t be that. Let the story with it’s chapters guide you.
At 2 1/2 hours I wanted more. More that I know was there. I wanted the histories and even the scars of characters to  be dramatized. I plan on seeing this a few more times.

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