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Can you feel it? There is about to be a global musical liberation of minds.

The IT cd release party Friday night at the Gypsy Lounge in east Austin marks the beginning of the shift to a new paradigm of renovating the lost art of conscious perception.

The mystical scales Interstellar Transmissions channels are capable of inducing an out of body experience and elevating consciousness. The exotic harmonies evoke a visual manifestation of your soul projected directly onto the back of your third eyelid. Watching Interstellar Transmissions play is witnessing Divine Musical Telepathy in the human realm.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have established first contact. Gavin McGowen, Nathan Wilson and Will Jerome have been chosen to lead a revolution of awakening through music.

There’s definitely some musical magic happening around Austin right now, but there are very few bands around whose twin guitar can alter your state of awareness, whose keys speak directly to your psyche, and whose every Drum Beat is another step on the Stairway to Heaven…

Omnia Vincit Amor.

Find Interstellar Transmissions on Facebook for more information.

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