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Welcome to Issue #68

For over 8 years we have been assembling this monster.

The journey to the creation of a new issue is alwaze an interesting ride. The team that surrounds me all lent their talents to make this vision happen and that is a beautiful thing. Thanks for picking up again or for the first time.

It’s that time of year again: The unstoppable force in our town also known as SXSW. Love it or hate it, it’s impossible to ignore. We sat down with one of the founders, the tireless Louis Black and had a long conversation about the event that seems to be on everyone’s mind.

The other topic on everybody’s mind is America’s favorite new sporting event, political debates. The liberal mask came and held one in our very own town. Not open to the public, only a select few were allowed to attend. Fat Cats we call them. The rest of us were subjected to the CNN super bowl-like extravaganza or else off doing other invigorating tasks. The Fat Cats seem to be gathered around both parties. The opposing sides aren’t really that different in that way. While getting a black guy or a woman as president is a cool thing, does the color of their skin or sex make them any less of a politician? Obviously, the question is rhetorical. For that reason, The Austin Daze will stay non political. Until we get rid of the Electoral College and make it a one man/woman voting system, I really couldn’t give a toss. We think talking with Burlesque girls is better!

Of the people, for the people, by the people we may not be in the business of changing lives but we are certainly encountering an eclectic mix of them. Our job is to bring them to you. For that I am grateful. The Austin Daze trancends all borders. What you hold in your hand is a melange that oozes through our town. Super Soul Queen Sharon Jones got in on it as did the endearingly strange Crispin Glover. We chatted with visiting and local talent that keep the creative pool unique and vibrant. We discovered a vision of “vagina dentata,” called Teeth. Freaky and then some is an understatement. Burlesque, you know you love it, I know I do. The girls of Kitty Kitty Bang Bang have been keeping the scene alive for many years. Flip through these pages and you will many things that interest you. If not, sorry we wasted your time. Actually, no we are not.

One more note: I’m happy to have reconnected with a founding member of the paper. No one draws an octopus better than Tommy Tye Dye. We look forward to more of his artistic contributions.

Our web site keeps thumping. Our blogs and online interviews keep us active in between issues. Our new weekly DVD reivews are worth checking out. We will dive into the SXSW madness and gather much coverage for next issue. Oh yeah, thanks for visiting, come again. Remember that it gets unbearably hot here. Really, really hot! We love you and will catch you next time. Shine on.



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