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I will admit it, I am a stone cold lover of stylish animation married to a good, subversive, slightly twisted story. And basically, that’s exactly what I got with Jez Jerzy, my last film of SXSW ‘11.
I was downright excited by the prospect of being transported once again into the worlds of director, Wojciech Wawszczyk, he, the animator behind some of Heavy Metal’s best, Aeon Flux, in particular. And I was even more intrigued that this flick was based up on a Euro graphic novel, another fave rave passion of mine (check out Ranxerox, A Tamburini/Liberatore creation).
I wasn’t disappointed.
A very distinctive look to the film, the story was just what I’d hoped for, twisted, outrageous, ribald, confounding, a total hoot. Interesting characters abound.
Hip! HIp!
A perfect capper to my SXSW film adventure

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