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Sayles new movie is getting a lot of hype.   So with much anticipation I began to watch this movie.  It is the story of a down and out club owner and piano player, Danny Glover, in rural cotton country Alabama.  The club owner is troubled, behind in the rent and harrased by the local sheriff.  There is a slide playing blind man who offers words of wisdom, played by Keb Mo, and a young guitar hero, our own Gary Clark Jr., who rolls into town in a train boxcar.  There is also the young beautiful country girl who dreams of making it big in the city. Any of this sound cliche, well, it is.  This is how the whole movie comes across.  It is a story that has been told many times before and where as the acting in this movie is well done, the movie as a whole falls flat and seems to drag.  I found myself waiting  to see Gary Clark and Keb Mo play and getting frustrated that it was taking so long.

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  1. Sara McCormick

    How long does Gary Clark Jr. play?

  2. eric

    Gary Clark plays a few songs at the very end of the movie.

  3. eric

    A post script to this review:
    As it happens my folks live in Greenville, Al. where this movie was filmed. They have commented on how great everyone was during the shoot. Greenville is not very large, as you may have guessed, making it impossible for the filming not to become a very recognizable activity in town. The club “Honeydripper” is a real location. It was actually a country grocery store. The other club was built on site. The hardware store is also real and is pretty much as it is in the movie. My father had a completely different experience seeing the movie. He could identify with many of the characters in the film from his own life experience growing up in the south. He told me several stories of people he had experienced in his life which were similar to those represented by Sayles in the film. For him the depth of the film was complete and meaningful, filled in by his own experiences, taking him on a journey not only down the street, but deep into his past. For me the film did not touch so deeply. I was born into the generation following the period of this film and do not have such a point of reference, however, I have a greater understanding and appreciation for Sayles’ characters and his portrayal of the rural old south.