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This documentary is the epitome of what every documentary filmmaker aspires to.
First off. Mindblowing premise. Man is curious about religion, but everywhere he turns he finds only discouragement. Being of Indian ethnicity, he goes back to his roots and is further disappointed. As a result, he begins to question all of it and decides to become a guru himself, start a following to see who he, too, could fool AND film the whole shebang… Brilliant!!!
The filmmaker, indeed, physically transforms into an indian shaman and goes to Phoenix, Arizona to begin cultivating his flock.
I refuse to say anything more as you moviegoers SHOULD see this one.
Fantastic editing. Wonderful camerawork. Great music. the whole package.
I will say one thing. The director, posing as the sage Kumare, does eventually reveal his true self to the flock…. and that’s when the miracle happens.
Can’t rate this movie high enough. Loved it! Cheers to a job really really well done.

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