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What can one say about a gentleman who bores his way through this life doing exactly what he wants in exactly the fashion he chooses? Though many might take issue with his mode of living, I, for one, cheered through this entire movie watching Lemmy unapologetically living his life, in the immortal words of Ol’ Blue Eyes, “his way”.
We get to basically travel and live with Lemmy on and off the road, seeing what makes the man tick, what he’s actually made of despite his reputation. As it turns out, he’s exactly what his legend portends.
He’s way deep into Nazi memorabilia and has an encyclopedic knowledge of weaponry and has a collection of knifes that isn’t to be believed. And what a blast it was watching him drive a WWII era tank and fire the big gun!
Here’s a guy who is 65 years, drinking copious amounts of Jack Daniels and Coke everyday, and is never without a cigarette in his mouth, playing the loudest, most raucous rock and roll on the planet. And the beauty of it, he’s got a band and crew that have done exactly what they want, too, with Lemmy as their fearless leader. Who knew this was going to be a family tale, too?!?!
There were numerous anecdotal tales told by some of /rock’s elite, and almost all brought down the house each time.
Probably not as good as a Motorhead concert, this film chronicles the life and times of the legend, Lemmy in an uncompromising unflinching way, and that’s the way it should have been told.
Sig Heil, Lemmy! A must see….

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