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Well folks, here goes nothin’… wanted to get this party started! I just returned from my delivery of a stack of fresh Austin Daze mags to the latest item of interest (chronicled in edition #66), Buenos Aires Restaurant, where I happened upon a young lady that has had me moaning out loud (literally) ever since. She looked like she could have been from Penelope Cruz’ extended family. She was there to pick up some coffees for what looked like either her work force or a project of some sort. I couldn’t take my eyes off her! My heart literally melted!! But, she was there with some fellow so I didn’t dare intrude upon them, but damn!!! Some people get frisky in Spring, but me, I’m a Fall kinda guy. Love is seemingly in the air for me during this time. I’m single, so why not, I say.

What does this have to do with anything I have on my agenda for Austin Daze? Not a damn thing. But wanted to bust the cherry, so to speak, and begin to spew at will. So I am…
Busy right now with launching my new band, Knuckle Yummy (www.myspace.com/knuckleyummy) so I’m practically living on that page doing my best to get the word out. All proceeds well. And it looks like we have a residency beginning in December at The Continental Club, so spread the word and come see us. I can promise two things on the nights we appear there. 1) something will happen, and 2) you will not be bored by any stretch
Watch out Cleveland! Rumble, young man, rumble…

Stay tuned.

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  1. Russ

    yes baby yes

  2. Daisy Riprock

    Well, you probably have Penelope Cruz in your extended NETWORK on myspace, Darling…..That’s a start….

  3. m.o.

    Hey Daisy… well, I guess that meeting folks online can be de rigeur, if only slightly passe’ in some cirlcles, lord knows in the beginning of my Internet experience I suffered my share of nighmares as well as a bright spot or two. But meeting a companion need be a flesh and blood experience for moi these days. And the MySpace thingee-you’re gonna laugh here- but I just joined it a week ago after laying the groundwork with a new band. Before I could care less about all of it. Again, that flesh and blood dealeebob. I guess it is still prudent to say never say never though, eh? But thanks for caring. She’s out there somewhere, and I’m waiting on her to tap me on the shoulder… yeah