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I’m beginning to think New Orleanians don’t eat breakfast. I’m hoping someone can prove me wrong. Granted, I’m relatively new to the breakfast game. In New Orleans that is. I’m relatively new to mornings there in general. Well, mornings that haven’t been turned into evenings on account of the fact that I’m first going to bed. So in light of my new I’m-going-to-bed-at-bedtime-and-waking-at-wake-time way of life, I’m looking for breakfast. And having a really hard time finding it.

On my most recent trip, a weary group set out through the Marigny (said by some to be a dicey neighborhood but one of my favorites) in search of breakfast. After two failed attempts at recommended spots (one closed, one nonexistent) we stumbled on a charming looking place, Le Peniche, on Dauphine. We were inspired by the menu’s vast breakfast offerings–eggs benedict, omlettes, and waffles. We took the 30 minute wait to be a good sign.  And then one friend made the fateful error of proclaiming the waffle she would eat when we finally sat down to be the best she has ever had. Not so much. The eggs benedict was tasty, but the eggs were overcooked (a key element to an eggs benedict’s success). The omletee was a hefty portion but cold. The grits bland. And the waffle, not the best thing she had ever tasted but certainly the sweetest–in this case a bad thing. The service was interesting in a, “Why do you think our waiter hates us so much?” kind of way.

Disappointed, we slumped back to our hotel.

Previous attempts have not yielded much better results. There is the Clover Grill. A diner whose slogan is “We love to fry and it shows.” The food is so greasy it’s a laborious, two -utensil affair (one holds it down while the other tries to get a piece of egg in your mouth). Unlike Le Peniche, this place is built on service and that alone would keep me coming back.  But the task at hand is breakfast. Breakfast food. There St. Charles Tavern–a place I have frequented many a morning back when morning was still bedtime and admittedly have yet to brave it sober. And then there is Cafe Du Monde. A common response to my breakfast inquiry. I love beignets as much as the next person and quite possibly the person after that, but I do not (at least for now) consider them breakfast.

There is no shortage of phantom breakfast spots in the city. There was a tip from a local about another place in the French Quarter that after a devoted 45 minute circling of was never found. A rumor of yet another still somewhere on Magazine. We did find that one but it was closed.

So I pose the question: where do you eat breakfast in New Orleans?

Le Peniche
1940 Dauphine St
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 943-1460
St. Charles Tavern
1433 Saint Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 523-9823
Cafe Du Monde
800 Decatur Street
New Orleans, La  70116
(multiple locations)
Clover Grill
900 Bourbon St
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 598-1010
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  1. Doug

    As a former New Orleanian, I feel your pain. Back in the day, the insider’s post club spot was The Hummingbird Cafe on St. Charles in the CBD. Ain’t there no more. It was being turned into a condo or something, last I heard.

    The one place that jumps out, that’s cool and happening is uptown at The Bluebird Cafe (3625 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA 70115, 504-895-7166). But be sure to bring along some cash, though, because if memory serves, they don’t take American Express!

    You can also drop by the Harrah’s casino buffet. It’s quite the little feast.

  2. Cornell

    As a tourist who almost always stays in the French Quarter, the only decent place I’ve found for breakfast is Petunia’s Restaurant at 817 St. Louis. The breakfast fare is very good, though probably at least a bit pricier than at most restaurants outside the Quarter….Beyond that, The Court of Two Sisters is not bad if you’re in the mood for a big and relatively expensive breakfast/brunch buffet.

  3. PI

    What is everyone’s Problem – Go to Mutha’s Get the ham and cheese omelet and biscuits and drink the coffee –

  4. anj

    Sooo sorry ya’ll have been hitting all the tourist traps for breakfast. As a native I suggest trying:

    Elizabeth’s or Surrey’s Cafe (eclectic atmosphere’s but great food)

    Luke’s (kinda pricey but lots of flavors)

    Cafe Fleur de lis (variety and breakfast all day)

    Give them a shot if you haven’t given up on BREAKFAST IN NEW ORLEANS!!!!

  5. andy

    Magnolia Grill in Corner or St Charles and Carrolton!