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I was lucky enough to grow up during a time in the 70’s when drive-in movies were popular, and there were still drive-in movie theaters. You always knew you were going to get a Grade B movie, full of plot holes, senseless needless cartoon like violence and lurid sexual overtones and imagery. With Machete, Robert Rodriguez provides us a fantastic archetype of the 70’s drive-in move. Instead of Blaxploitation, he calls it Mexploitation. Perfetto!!! This movie is a wild roller coaster ride with very memorable characters. Cheesy to the nth, and the violence delivers enough gore to float a battleship. Tongue in cheek, and done with a reverence, I can highly recommend this flick to those who are seeking the thrill ride. Don’t ask for more than that and you will be a happy camper. There are a couple of star cameos that are so perfect as to not be believed, but I will not spoil the surprise, just adds to this blitzkrieg of thrills and chills.

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