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I went to this flick thinking it was a documentary, and it wasn’t until several minutes into the movie I realized it was a narrative instead.
The film is centered around a quirky fellow from Texas who is dead set on being a successful novelty inventor, and his mission is to get to China to meet with a manufacturing company to get his design ideas made. Unfortunately he gets off on a bad foot via meeting a random stranger on Craigslist. Upon his landing in Shanghai we find out the contact isn’t what he’s proposed to be, and our inventor soon finds himself in quite another quest, all the while keeping his eye steadfastly on the prize.
The story was good fun, the editing and the POV from the director of photography was spot on, especially given in the Q&A afterward we’re told that most of the filming done in a futuristic looking Shanghai was done guerilla style. Very impressive photographic work. The old limitations makes you be more creative kinda deal at work here, methinks.
All in all an entertaining farce, told in a whimsical style that made it seem, at times, more documentary than narrative, not an easy trick.
All in all? Groovy!
Was turned away from my next film, “Trimpin”, and as i was walking away I heard several pass holders griping about how the smaller Alamo theaters just don’t have the capacity to handle the bigger crowds this year. Many told of not being able to get into the Ritz, this after numerous tries. Hope this isn’t a trend for the week.
Off to catch another flick! -mo

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