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Maker Faire has come and gone but thanks to the web many of the artists and food makers that participated are still around. Seeing as Halloween isn’t here yet and already Thanksgiving paraphernalia has invaded most stores, I thought I would leap frog right to the Gift Giving Season and offer some ideas from vendors that participated at this year’s Faire. Check them out:

Tobiah P. Mundt, Under the Licorice Tree – she is an artist with a love of all things felt. Her beautifully crafted sculptures are haunting. What struck me the most was how alive they seem—their expressions capture something rarely seen in a stuffed animal. Check out the gallery page on her website to see these little creatures posing for her. She also sells “Make Your Own” kits—perfect for kids. www.underthelicoricetree.com

Dirty Dylan’s Organic Gardening – We’ve heard about the environment in peril, and the economy gone to hell. Did you know that gardens are the perfect way to help the environment and save money? Did you know that Dirty Dylan’s is the perfect way to do that for you? They offer gardening services and custom garden boxes that would fit any size yard, not to mention companion planting and 30 days of maintenance. This is a gift that keeps on giving. 512 367 9282.

McGovern’s Organics – “Organic” and “gluten free” are two words that seem to be on many a mind these days when it comes to our diets. I personally tried the “gluten free” route for a day and quickly realized I would rather starve then eat the tasteless cardboard that was being offered in place of my favorite foods. McGovern’s believes you can eat “gluten free” and still enjoy your meals. Better yet, they will deliver them to you. Good food that is good for you? You’ve got to taste it to believe it. Check them out at Peoples Pharmacies and Greenling’s Organic Delivery Service or go to www.organicdesserts.com

Poopscape – Claire, the creative force behind poopscape is the cool kid of crafts. She’ll show you how to make your own Shrinky Dinks, for crying out loud! Potato Print Blinds circa 1966 anyone? The website offers a seemingly endless array of tutorials ranging from placemats to jewelry frames to ornaments for this year’s Christmas tree—mostly with a retro flare. She offers great do-it-yourself gift ideas and fun-night-at-home-with-friends-and-lots-of-wine projects as the weather starts to cool. www.poopscape.com

Zhi Tea – Nothing says health and wellness like hand-selected blends of the finest organic loose-leaf teas direct from Asia. Nothing says “I care” like giving someone those said teas. They are beautifully packaged, taste great and are good for you. With an assortment ranging from Oolong to Herbal to White to Green and more, you can find the right for flavor for every member of the family. They also sell a beautiful line of teaware to complement your tea giving gift. www.zhitea.com

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  1. Amber

    Those felt creatures are the most disturbingly awesome things I have ever seen.

  2. Mason Arnold

    Don’t forget Greenling has Fresh & Local Turkeys for Thanksgiving! Also gift baskets for Christmas.

    Mason Arnold