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July 8th. Yeah, it’s a Wednesday night. And yeah, it’s probably going to be hot as shit outside, but don’t let that deter you from coming out to see a show that’s worth the listen. I mean, come on man, it’s hump day. Gotta get out of the box and get some listenin’ in.

AND it’s Beerland, so you know it’s gotta be good.

Atlanta-based band, The Howlies, are all garage doo whop punk with a harmony center that you can lick and lick and not get to the middle of. Their songs are rhythmic and sarcasm streams throughout, but there are many cherries on top that make them a band on the scene in Atlanta playing alongside favorites like the Black Lips, King Khan and the Shrines and Those Darlins’.

Out here for SXSW they got some crap showcases paired with bands that didn’t reflect their style at all and played day shows that were totally unorganized, yet they pulled it off and made a name for themselves out here for those that were listening. I mean, they showcased at Billboard’s Pangea. Beerland ain’t no Pangea if you see where I’m going with this.

Gems like “Angeline” and “Aluminum Baseball Bat” will suck you dry because their so damn catchy, but “Sea Level” charges you with a punch and “Chimera” and “Smoke” don’t let you down one bit.

Their debut album, Trippin’ With Howlies was produced by legendary rock n’ roller Kim Fowley who drove the bus and made the album rough and tumble while out on the edge of the California Desert. OverUnder Records, a young NYC outfit put their money behind these guys and sent them on long American Southeast and Midwest tour wowing audiences and making folks dance and jangle.

Fowley says, “Howlies are the first Rock ‘n’ Roll band of the 21st Century. Their debut album Trippin’ With Howlies is right up there with the earliest albums of the Ramones, The Sex Pistols and The Trashmen. Howlies are fine actors, too. Imagine an unholy blending of the Three Stooges and Betty Page. Their live show is: unexpected. Conjure up musical thugs/male cheerleaders running amok in a madhouse rubber room.”

Okay. No idea really what some of that means, but it’s clear that these guys put on an energetic, garage sound doo whop show that can’t be found anywhere else in Austin.

They’ve teamed up with local Austin bands, Texreys, garage freakbeat stomp, who say, “If you dig Schlock Culture, Horror/Creature Features, Trash/B-Movies, and Fuzz driven Garage Rock then come out and see us,” and the Golden Boys, vintage rock with roots drawing deep from the window pane well of sonic and geographic kin like the 13th Floor Elevators, Sir Douglas Quintet, the Dicks and 10 million other fried honky dreamers

So not only will you  get to catch some of Austin’s home grown garage/punk favorites, you’ll also be exposed to a new band, a new genre that’s coming strong out of the Southeast and is sure to spread more widely throughout the Austin scene. No ACL Howlies date planned as of yet, but you never know with these guys, playing gigs last minute and drivnig all over the f-ing country from their Atlanta homeland to spread the good word.

Check ’em out at Beerland on, Wednesday,  July 8th at 8PM.

www.thehowlies.com or www.myspace.com/howlies.com


www.myspace.com/thegoldenboys.com or www.hookorcrook.com


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