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The Hearts and MindsSelf Titled— Retro pop rock with a vocal backing similar to The Beach Boys or The Byrds blast through on this debut album. The album is a gentle capturing of the past while we sit comfortably in the now. It’s a musical mix of psychedelic sounds ranging from the 1960’s to contemplative lyrics and circuit bending. It’s a nice ride complete with smoke machines and psych-pop with bleep toys live.

4.5 McRiprock’s


Bree BrunsSelf-Titled— Influenced by Aretha Franklin and Lauryn Hill with a snag of Billie Holiday, how could you not love the sound that she creates? The album is an acoustic set with electric guitar and upright bass. She’s got a sassy vibe with a sultry undertone that makes her music glow.

5.0 McRiprock


Kim Lenz and the JaguarsIt’s All True!–Kim Lenz is a throwback. And I mean that in the nicest sense. From her hair-do and clothes to her rockabilly sound that’s slightly Texan with a Loretta Lynn flare and a direct nod to the 50’s she and her band, the Jaguars, pull off a pretty tight album. Lyrically, Lenz is spot on in entertaining you and tell you a story without being sappy or insincere and does it in a neighborly way that makes you feel like you are part of the gig. The music is straight laced and to the point, but intoxicating to say the least. And Big Sandy makes an appearance on the album and in songwriting. To not tap your foot would be criminal. She performs this Saturday, December 4th at the Continental Club smack dab in the middle of a rowdy line-up. It’s difficult to surmise a better Austin debut for her album than the venue that must’ve, on some level, inspired.

6.0 McRiprock’s


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