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Empirates: Pretentiously Awesome—Well known for their high energy shows and their presence on college radio, they do a fair amount performing stripped down rock sound quite like their predecessors Franz Ferdinand and The White Stripes. Short, at only four tracks in length., this EP is raw and raucous although they contain a bit of depth rather than leave it at simple rock.


4.5 McRiprock’s

Isaac Allen: Don’t Smoke—At 24-years-old, Allen puts out tracks of heartache, addiction, death row and back alleys. His lyrics coupled with melding jazz and blues is an experiment in the darker sides of life wrapped in a warm bluesy soulful rasp.


4.0 McRiprock’s

Boy With a Fish: I Put My Tongue On The Window—At their sophomore album they’ve brought a richer musicianship and creative vision to this album. This band has created buzz in the big boys of magazines (Rolling Stone) and Jeff Claus on guitar and vocals has been recorded by a slew of famous faces and names. The album is packed with haunting atmospheres and driving grooves. It’s a touch indie without being overwhelming.


5.0 McRiprock’s


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