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Amplified HeatOn The Hunt: Finally capturing the sound they’ve been pushing for since their inception 10 years ago, On The Hunt, is 10-songs of rock and roll that centers around one theme— chasing women and everything that comes with it. It is a no frills rock and roll sound, but they add a bit of psychedelia. Recorded only onto tape and tracked live with vintage microphones, amplifiers and instruments—it allows the album to maintain a garage sound.

5.0 McRiprock’s


Dan CioperWarrior Utopian: Cioper’s album envisions building a better world—a multi-genre portrait of a man’s love and passion containing songs of revolution and love using all styles abound, rock, pop, soul, fun and reggae. The album includes performances from Austin musicians, Mark Wilson, Steve Carter, Richard Bowden, Ephraim Owens, Kris Brown and Rick Plester.

4.0 McRiprock’s


Bravo JohnsonCome Taste The Sun: Merging borrowed sounds of the Byrds and Zeppelin is a mixture of classic rock and Americana with a bit of jam band thrown in. The first album, The Crooked and The Straight, was a 27 track double album that earned press and radio airplay. This album, although, holding the blues/rock feel of the first release, adds a layer of psychedelia and moves more deeply into classic rock.

4.5 McRiprock’s


Michael FracassoSaint Monday: I love this album! You may have heard some tracks on KUT—with guests including Patty Griffin, Kevin Russell, Jimmy Smith and long time collaborators George Reiff and Mark Patterson on bass and drums.  This album marks an experimental path for Fracasso. He calls in his friend and novelist Jim Lewis to produce and play the record. Strongest tracks are, “While The Night Is Young—“ anthem/life soundtrack vibe that is catchy and upbeat.  “Elizabeth Lee,” with a hard hitting back beat and a Dylan-esque vocal beginning that picks up the pace and adds in some instrumentation further along that creates a crossroads of Americana with some experimental rock and roll all the while with the back beat churning along.  “Saint Monday,” is a sweet, soulful song that emits loneliness without going sappy on the listener.  The entirety of this album is a creative and less conventional celebration of what music is by a true, weathered musician.

5.5 McRiprock’s



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