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Bubba Hernandez-Big Pounding Heart: An electic mix of wild beats and rhythms careened through the garage grunge machinery drives this album. Delivering a lo-fi crinch with a powerful nuclear ediness. It’s off-the-beaten path style stirs the senses and adds a dash of vigor. He uses anything to produce a bang-able or strum-able sound including kitchen cabinets, keys, basses, guitars, strummed fans, bottles of wine tapped with spoons and fists pounding on a washing machine.



Waldo & The NaturalsSilver Dash: The 24-year-old singer/songwriter will release a new album at the Parish on September 7th. Often laid back and soothing, the album can also swing heartfelt and upbeat offering a soulful view of the modern world. Drawing from the likes of Stevie Wonder and Brian Wilson to Animal Collective and Beach House, the band includes a new stylistic variation by blending elements of soul, orchestration and blues in a cohesive form.


Matt Bunsen and the BurnersPorch Party vol. 1: This seven-piece band puts together old-school country, classic rock from the 60s and 70s along with Matt Bunsen’s personal works. They call themselves a “folk-rock party band” which also features acoustic instrumentation and three-part harmonies. The album brings on the energy from a live show while still staying polished.



Liz MitchellPretty House: Singer/songwriter Mitchell, brings on her second album self-described as “not easily pigeonholded, but influenced by many people.” Influences from Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Dory Previn, Billie Holiday, Tom Waits, Chopin and others. She’s received accolades from various contests for songwriting. Pretty House showcases her dreamy vocal quality and deep rooted lyrics.



Joy MoverJoyMover: This debut album includes a collective of artists, as well as, the artists own original songs that are distinctively unique in their interpretations of familiar material. From composing an original verse for the sultry, “Fever” to writing rap lyrics to introduce her rendition of “Till There Was You,” she layers a modern attitude atop the romantic standards.



Scott Chism & The Better HalfLong Haul Steady: A storyteller who makes the simplicity of his stories come alive with his clean-cut country/folk style with a rough bluesy edge. Based in Mississippi, the blues isn’t hard to find on this album. “Hand Me Down Blues and “Keep Bearin’ Dow” have a classic Americana sound with a southern twang.










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