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Barbara Cassidy BandLeaving Things the Way I Found Them: The debut album released on September 25th touches on Americana and Folk with a few genres in between. “Time Stood Still,” is a track that has a classic country feel. They do their own twist to the traditional/classic song “Wayfaring Stranger,” where the couple’s musical chemistry is most notable.
Christy HaysDrought: This debut album shines in its simplicity. Using her traveled views on all things American she shines as a passionate storyteller without the bells and whistles. Her album release is scheduled for September 28th at Antones.
Mike DuboseHead Above Water: Dubose is a critically acclaimed home-grown singer/songwriter/guitarist who grew up surrounded by the local talent of James McMurtry and Tish Hinojosa. Using an acoustic approach to this album (originally planned as a rock-band project), it subtly draws you in using a softer side, well crafted version of song writing.
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