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ExplosivesThree Ring Circus: Power pop before power pop was cool.  Wandering onto the Austin scene in 1979 at the legendary Raul’s Club. Freddie Steady Krc, Cam King, and Waller Collie all wrote and all played with a tight urgency that lacked the rage of the musical contemporaries but maintained the gloriously jangly garage rhythm and melody inspired by Beatles, Stones and other musical heroes. Their new album includes the entirety of their 1982, Restless Natives, along with all other official Explosives studio releases, plus two live bonus tracks and a bonus DVD capturing the band in its garage rock jungle glory. 4.5 McRipock’s.


IndubiousCosmic Seed:  Oregon-based reggae trio, Indubious, named their band such to mean to live without doubt and fear, with a full respect for all things, good and bad. Through channeling the power of their music, the band is elevating the global consciousness one person—and one song—at a time. Their newly released sophomore album, Cosmic Seed, is an inspiring voyage through music with each track infused with a positive vibe and a message of change that is expressed through meaningful lyrics on top of danceable rhythms. 4.0 McRiprock’s


Brendan KellyMusic From The Motion Picture: A self-taught musician, Brendan moved to Austin to pursue his career as a singer-songwriter. He worked with producers David Messier and Andre Cantave of Same Sky Productions. His debut album was written in just 72 hours and was recorded, mixed and released within two months. The music was just pouring out. His music is guitar-driven rock, rhythm and blues. His voice and swift guitar can turn a club to a juke joint, to a rock hall, to a church and back again. His songs, his stage, and his guitar are speaking from a soul full of musical tradition far beyond his years. 4.5 McRiprock’s


Ruby JamesHappy Now: With smoky harmonies and a real sense of soul, James debuts her sophomore album.  Produced by Charlie Sexton, the album features both Charlie Sexton and Will Sexton playing bass, guitar and drums along with Mike Thompson of the Eagles on keyboard. Born out of the “Austin Sessions” that took place over three years, James deems this album as her most serendipitous and satisfying effort yet.  The album is set for release on March 30th.  She currently holds a weekly residency at Maria’s Taco Xpress every Thursday night featuring a rotating roster of guest artists.

5.5 McRiprock’s


El TuleVolumen I and II—For six years El Tule has been honing its unique sound and combining the influences of Cumbia, Afro-Cuban, Rock, Merengue, Salsa and Reggae.  The music is largely shaped by art, culture, history and likely focuses on legends and tales of the mystical.  The sound that El Tule brings to each performance is transcendent and crosses all cultural and social borders. 4.5 McRiprock’s


Billy JonesThe Billy Jones Story: Out of Arkansas comes Jones who brings music back to the time where Hendrix and Stevie Ray reigned supreme. He trumps the listener with a refreshing array of sounds from healing blues, jazz and funk. He mixes traditional blues and employs an urbanization of soul that makes him a talented artist on the contemporary scene with extraordinary talent and command on stage and off.  5.0 McRiprock’s


Tom McBride & the Whig PartyLike a Lion:  Faking you out and sounding like a seasoned vet, this is McBride’s first full-length album.  This D.C.-area songwriter brings indie into the forefront without apology. Like a Lion catches the listener with familiar pop hooks and catchy harmonies glued together with gentle songwriting and enveloping you with a big bad sound.  4.0 McRiprock’s


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