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Freddie Steady 5Live From SugarHill Studios: Power pop pervades throughout this recent release. Recorded at Houston’s legendary SugarHill Studios (with go-go dancing, Dangerous Dana hanging out throughout the recording sessions) tracks were laid down that are pure dance worthy mints. The album has a candy powered pop sensation that infuses the listener and makes dancing a necessity.

4.0 McRiprock’s.


The ChimerasHer: Philly-based Chimeras spent five months to record their sophomore album with a theme comprised of thirteen female character sketches. Largely inspired by women in real life, books, movies, and certain characters that appealed to the band, they took their ideas and ran with it.  The album is tailored rock with fringe lyrics that clatter with a recording basement groove.  Many reference the band to a Rolling Stones sound, but they also invoke rich imagery and metaphors.

5.0 McRiprock’s


Robert Lusson & The Social BeatLoveland: Lusson has built his career around using his musical talents to address the issues of society. Loveland continues this feat. He keeps the genre jumping with variations of sounds throughout. From psychedelic folk-rock to soulful grooves to sometimes sad, scratchiness, the album plays out beautifully. The songwriting on this album is strong and the music follows in suit.

4.5 McRiprock’s


Tyler FortierThis Love Is Fleeting: This is a record about mourning.  It is an album that’s worth dissecting and listening. Using an underground introspection on Americana it delights and feels timeless. This being Fortier’s fourth record, is set for release April 15th.  Hailing from Eugene, OR his sound is strikingly similar to the roots rock of legendary Neil Young with a bit of a modern edge. The album was recording partially in the studio and partially through home recoding.

5.0 McRiprock’s


The Window SilhouetteDon’t You Want Oblivion?: Austin, TX is known for its music. In fact, it seems, that in order to move here you must have guitar in the backseat in order to gain entrance into the city.  The Window Silhouette is another unsigned Austin creation. With jangily guitar rock and catchy lyrics it seems the band is channeling a little bit of Spoon with their own twist on things. What is produced is an album that is well worth tuning in for. Trickling through Austin venues where they showcase their sound to Austinites and other fellow music lovers, the band is steadily gaining a foothold.

4.0 McRiprock’s


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