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Phil Ayoub: Arrivals and Departure— Radio-ready, the album was written as Ayoub traveled globe promoting his solo debut album Schoolbus Window Paper Heart. He found himself waiting for planes, baggage, security checkpoints and take offs. Hence, the album title. With 14 tracks there are moments that check in with Oasis and a Ryan Adams riff. The songs, for the most part, are polished pop-rock anthems working with producer Tim Bradshaw (John Mayer and David Gray) that are radio viable with simple honesty and some humor thrown in.
4.0 McRiprock’s
Laugh TrackEverything You Waited For is Real— After a bumpy road with a four-member group, Island Nation, that began to get a foothold in the Austin scene, the group got pared down and renamed when band members had to jet. Laugh Track was born with the two originals left behind Alex Curet and Jeff Storms. Self-recording the 11-song album went smoothly as recording can go and they are now hard at work on their sophomore album. Everything You Waited For is Real is an exploration of emotions and guest musicians.
3.5 McRiprock’s
Carrie WadeThe Old Ways–A blend of modern folk-pop, acoustic rock and country with hints of bluegrass and psychedelia (wow is that all?) encapsulates this project. Singing of all the hits of love, sorrow, regret, hope and betrayal the album weaves between the music and the lyrics and an ebb and flow of living. Promotions recommend these tracks if you enjoy the tunes of Aimee Man, Neil young and Patti Griffin, tough shoes to fill.
5.0 McRiprock’s
Ad Boc: Pop Supraliminal–A little Beatle-esque with a mighty punch of three minute pop tracks that come and go with a blast, this album is fun and irreverent. Hooky tunes and the whole mismash that includes a nation filled with pop is what this group embraces. Worth a pop for 15 lively tracks.
5.5 McRiprock’s
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