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Flatcar RattlersWhich side Are You On?: A rowdy bluegrass band with a touch of Grime mixes up rootsy, backwoods Appalachia with fast punk rock to create a sound all their own. With six members form six states, they eventually made the journey to Austin and became ranked as one of the top ten Best New Bands and Best Bluegrass Banks per the Austin Chronicle’s 2008-2009 Music Poll. They released their first studio album on 11/28 at the Scoot Inn with appearances including the Lonesome Heroes, American Graveyard and The Bread. The Rattlers take hold of the listener and stick them on a ride that blows right off the tracks. 6.0 McRiprock’s. www.myspace.com/FlatCarRattlers.
Dertybird-Pure Analog: Cultivating thier mix of Muscle Shoals Soul and Hill Country/Swamp Blues into a new blend of Southern Vinyl Rock. The release of this album is a fresh starting point for the band, after releasing a self-titled EP and a regional tour. The album allows for a stronger foothold and step forward to building thier fan base. Dertybird is Clayton Colvin and JT Holt. They fuse Clayton’s soulful, honest MuscleShoals influence with JT’s raw, gut-bucket guitar riffs. Trademarked by solid, gutsy vocals with tight arrangments and a tasteful Southern Rock sound with searing slide guitar they began to march their way to branding themselves in markets throughout the South. The alubm was recorded to a 2″ tape and mixed live at NestRecording in South Austin. They hoped to give the listener an “in the room” sound and experience so the bass, drums and rhythm guitar were cut live in one session. The most radio-friendly tune on the album is “People Change,” however other tracks have impressive hooks and arrangements. 4.5 McRiprock’s www.dertybird.com Social HeroThe Famous: The band pays homage to the heyday of Arena Rock with their locked guitar solos and straightforward driving drums. They infuse their sound with undertones of today’s indie music. A musical assault, “Evening Gown,” begins the album and is radio-friendly, but recounts primal nature’s sexual lust.  “Mosquito Attack” and “Gone” are full-on anthems devoted to their Arena Rock forte. The band, however, is capable of pulling of darker tracks (“Recognized”) all the while squeezing in some uptempo bits of punk and squealing guitars. 4.0 McRiprock’s www.socialhero.com Josh GriderSweet Road to Ride: Singer/songwriter Grider releases his new album that explores the ups and downs that accompany the life of a musician. These themes recur throughout the record relatively seamlessly, delivered in a voice that can carry the weight of desolate and poignant with innocence and optimism.  With a new lyrical outlook and support in the form of the Josh Grider Trio, this album follows 2007’s crtically acclaimed Million Miles to Go. The Josh Grider Trio is comprised of Austin musicians Chris Grady (upright bass) and Jeff Botta (drums/percussion). Musically, the Trio provides the freedom to explore ample sounds and ideas from Latin and funk to jazz and bluesy improvasation with powerful harmonies. The album’s first song, “Here With Me, ” co-written with Walt Wilkins illustrates the theme of the bittersweet road. Grider says, “My heart is for two things, my family and my music. The road divides it.” 5.0 McRiprock’s www.joshgrider.com Adrian and the SicknessB.F.D.: This is where the boys of AC/DC meet up with the girls of the Go-Go’s and you have Adrian and the Sickness–Adrian Conner (vocals, guitar), Heather Webb (bass) and Melodie Zapata (drums). In their new album BFD the combine hard-driving, straight-up rock and roll with and edge of punk melodies and powerful vocals. “Modern Freedom” starts the album off running with its relentless rhythm and for there it never really lets up. Conner and Zapata might be familar as they are both core members of the AC/DC tribute group Hell’s Belles. 5.2 McRiprock’s www.adrianrocks.com Distant LightsSimulacrum: Austin’s Distant Lights combine complex instrumentation and lyricism in a powerful, progressive sound. They showcase, Jon Dexter, a featured soloist from A Scanner Darkly, that plays electrified, antique cello which combines for an unusual arrangement when meshed with piercing vocals. The group walks the line between pop, metal, rock and performance art. During select performances, projections of artwork and video accompany each track which creates a visual manifestaion of each song. Simulacrum, is a muscial story of a fictional society hypnotized by the propaganda of a political and socioeconomic machine with a visercal sound differentiating the five-piece from others in Austin. 4.0 McRiprock’s www.myspace.com/distantlightsmusic Asylum Street SpankersGod’s Favorite Band:  They are at it again. Austin’s postmodern jug band have taken some recent detours as they circumnavigate the vast expanse of American roots music, from a award-winning kids alubm in 2007, to a double-disc live cast recording from their Off-Broadway show a year later. God’s Favorite Band is an all-acoustic, spiritual themed album. They dub the recording as “the world’s first agnostic gospel album,” which became the centerpiece of their current “Salvation and Sin: tour: a heavenly set of rousing gospel music follwed by a set of songs celebrating the joys of sinning. 5.0 McRiprock’s www.asylumstreetspankers.com The Dry SeasonLarry  EP: Begining in Austin in 2008 as a neo-psychedelic, post rock group combining an atomosphere of trip hop, drenched guitar and hauting vocals with a tight dynamic arrangement. They gained interest by staging overwhelming and emotion-driving performcences. In January 2009, they released Larry, a 5-song EP which received media attention nationally. They have since, delicately glided from hypnotic arrangments and ambient textures to soically destructive chaose with overwhelming emotion. With textures that are dreamy and the rage of distortion and bombardment of feedback they swing the listener back and forth rom such opposition emotioanl extremes that creates and area worth listening. 4.0 McRiprock’s www.thedryseason.com Sideways Reign–Scale Mt. Epic: Based in Union, Washington, Sideways Reign is representative of the artistic sensibilities of the masses. They are your local barkeep, ya know, the hard-hat wearing construction worker or the ice cream maker on the corner– on and off stage they remain the approachable, everyday guys that you’d hang out with after work. In the same sense, their album (the band’s six track debut EP) offers something for the broadest of audiences with a genre defynig blend of rock, blues, folk and reggae. The band’s name serves as a nod to their Pacific Northwest roots and a reference to the poitical tyrannies that they stand firmly against. Many of the songs were first geared to be acustically driven, but the full band setting offered an eriched sound that the band was searching for.  The album is aptlly named after the band’s pursuit of “epic jams,” during their long practice sesssions. Released in the Summer of 2007, it was recorded in a live, full band setting–often in only a few takes to avoid overproduction and to add continutity between their live and recorded sound. 4.5 McRicprock’s www.myspace.com/sidewaysreign Dickie Lee ErwinSwan: Dickie Lee Erwin’s musical history spans as far back as the 1970’s palying with an electic assortment of musicians and playng a vareity of music. After touring with Killbilly, Erwin released CDs There’s a Movie Going On, Texas Midnight Highway and Poppin’ Johnny. He continues on to be an original country-outlaw with this new relase, Swan on High Plains Records. 5.0 McRiprock’s www.myspace.com/dickieleeerwin Please Do Not FightMove: Based in Rewood City, CA this Bay Area audience favorite is an indie/rock group best known for their exciting and engaging live shows. Songwriter Zen Zenith pours heartfelt lyrics which reflect intelligence and introspection woven into a muli-demensional melody. Classically trained, Erin Keely is featured on violin, keyboard and piano and along with her instrumental contributions, her sweet and soulful vocals marry well to Zenith and adds rich sound to the band. Lead guitarist, Geoff McCann and Kubes, an accompished drummer round out the band bringing a improvisational feel to the band’s signature string and synt- heavy rock songs using intricate groove based riffs and arrangments. 5.0 McRiprock’s www.pleasedonotfight.com The Farmers-Fulmination: “We are a ’67 GTO in a 4-cylinder world. An American msucle care in a junk yard full of Hyundai’s.” San Diego based roots-rock pioneers are celebrating the release of their latest full-length album. Formed from members of The Beat Farmers, they continue to keep the name and music growing, delivering beer-soaked, heartland rock while staying true to the intregity of The Beat Farmers. The album was nomiated for best Americana album in 2009 at The San Diego Music Awards and was a top selling record in the nation from their distrubutor, Burnside Distrubution. The record is equal parts melody, rock and country giving the listener moments of pure rock goodness and lyrics that are raw and witty. Self-described as “Bo Diddley, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Joe South, and The Yardbirds ham-fisted into a food processor, stuffed into a shotgun shell and blasted into a beer keg at three in the morning in Faron Young’s rumpus room, is the clearest description you’ll get of the band’s inspiration and a trickle of the music you’ll hear on the album. 5.0 McRiprock’s www.myspace.com/thefarmersmusic

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