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WideawakeSomething that We Can’t Let Go— Austin’s five-piece power pop/rock band has released their third studio album to great acclaim. Track “Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow” exceeded 15,000 downloads before the album’s official release date in January. Coming onto the Austin scene in 2000 and winning Austin Music Awards in 2004-2006 the band has found a national following and has been featured on television programs that purport new music (“Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Dawson’s Creek), as well as, in feature films. The album serves as inspirational pop/rock/alternative likening to the Fray and other bands that are capable of bringing pain stricken vocals, building choruses and driving guitars creating crescendos and breathtaking musical moments.  5.5 McRiprock’s

RyebenderHollow and Drifting— This four-member rock band hailing from Alaska brings the core of Americana rock music to their album. Combining all things indie, country, pop, Irish, bluegrass and folk with the roots of arrangement and harmony, the music likens artists like The Byrds, Ryan Adams and Uncle Tupelo. The album is diverse and lyrical creating a genre that’s both new and old.  4.0 McRiprock’s

 Lorissa Chapa–Selfish— You want indie pop. You got it. Chapa’s debut album reeks of pop with a vocal range similar to Christina Aguilera and Reba McIntyre. She is comfortable in her ability to perform everything from Mariachi, as she is to rock, opera or country. “I’ll Be There” is a pure pop version of heartbreak where as “Move On” carries a more amped up style of pop.  3.5 McRiprock’s

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