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Damp Heat: Damp Heat aka Daniel Peter Smith moved to Austin in 2002 and was approached by John King (Currently of Hello Lovers) in 2005 to collaborate on a rap album.┬áThree weeks later, five sounds were laid down and recorded. Damp Heat produces all records and songs in his bedroom using his own equipment. He’s popular on the Austin scene and puts out a solid rap album. 4.0 McRiprock’s

The Adventures of: All Over the Place— Classic pop rock song writing snared with psychedelic instrumentation. The band constantly travels every year since 2000 out of the great state of Texas to explore the wonders of the Northeast. This is their seventh album with over 130 original songs and sixty covers to their credit. 3.8 McRiprock’s

Andy Church–Sleeping in the Van: Church has been making music since the day he was born. Based in Connecticut, this singer-songwriter has a long career working in the industry both as a player and an engineer. This album is a wide range of pop-infused rock with hints of a southern blues and folk influence. He covers James Taylor’s “Shower the People You Love” and most tracks have a vibe that is mellow and quite simple. Popier tracks like “Linden Lane” and “Imaginary Girl” have vocal hooks that are catchy with a deep level of instrumentation. The album likens influences from James Taylor to Fountains of Wayne to Tom Petty and Neil Young–but Church is most effective when on guitar with straightforward tones and textures that make the songs rich. In addition to playing most of the instruments on the album, he also produced and engineered the entire piece. 4.3 McRiprock’s

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