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La SnacksNewfangled: La Snacks got its start in the good ol’ town of Beaumont, TX under a different name with a more punkish sound with front man Robert Segovia pushing schoolmates to accompany him on stage and get loud. Many moons later, with college degrees, lineups altered and a band name change, La Snacks has solidified. Although it’s been a long road to get to Austin, they wouldn’t be able to showcase their sarcastic songwriting skills and adventurous sounds without the journey behind them. They pay great homage to their early 1990s Pavement heroes and in this album they pull off cool exceptionally well. 5.0 McRiprock’s

 Mar ProjectStepping Stone: Mar Project has been writing and recording music since 2001. Working in a variety of formats including composing for film and theater, as well as, working with other musicians; Hiroshi Kono, guitarist and vocalist, founded the group to intentionally create straightforward, beautiful music using only a nylon guitar and multi-lingual vocals. Now allowing for the inclusion of more instrumentation and production techniques the sound has changed and two albums have been released including songs performed in three languages and many different genres. Shimmery vocals and a dreamlike mood makes this album surreal in sound. Some songs have a bossa-pop feel along with an ethereal vibe whereas others include downtempo beats and droning vocals with a self-comparison to a Beck-like sound. Although seemingly complex at times, the simplicity of the album is understood in the melodies and lyrics. 4.0 McRiprock’s

Don HarveyA Dance in Red Open Music Volume One: Self-described as open music that’s defined by many influential genres and makes the sound unclassifiable–the influences range from Harvey’s musical path from middle-eastern, blues, rock to ambient, jazz and classical. The album features some of Austin’s most notable musicians such as Ephraim Owens on trumpet, Graham Reynolds on piano, Craig Ross on guitar, Brian Standefer on cello, Guy Forsyth on harmonica, Bukka Allen on accordion, John Mills on bass clarinet, George Reiff on bass, Mark Andes on bass and David Abeyta on guitar. Harvey, at 52, has lead the life of a soulful drummer and composer as an Austinite. He made his first professional recording with Jonathan Gefen and David Broza (two of Israel’s best-known recording artists) in Tel Aviv where he resided for a few years after hitting the road at age 19 to perform. Shortly after moving to LA, Harvey did a world tour with Charlie Sexton. An Austinite since 1989, he received the “Best Drummer” award at the 2006-2007 Austin Music Awards and shared the stage with Bruce Springsteen, Pete Townshend, Ronnie Wood, and Wilco. In addition to his musical efforts, he’s co-founded the SIMS Foundation (providing mental health care to Austin-area musicians), and co-owned the legendary Austin Rehearsal Complex (“the ARC”), a hub of Austin music for a decade. 4.5 McRiprock’s

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