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Monument to No One—Self Titled: A local alternative rock band, heavily influence by the mid-90’s space rock of Hum and Failure, this band combines the psychedelic guitar arrangements reminiscent of the early Smashing Pumpkins with the edgy melodic grooves of grunge-era area rock. They deliver a performance of sonic attacks and textured rhythmic jams using modern effects, driven hooks anchored by low toms and bass arpeggios and the warm dynamics of sensitive post-emo ballads. Their self-pressed full length CD will be released on September 22, 2009. They have toured and entrained audiences in Austin, San Marcos and San Antonio since 2006.  With Eli Slate on guitar and vocals, Dank Scare on drums, Steve Anderson on guitar and Mike McKinnon on bass the band rounds out complete in mid-2008. MTNO’s new self-titled album was recorded and pressed in Austin with the studio tracks recorded at Out the Woodwork Studio in 2008 with Kenny Wayne Sheppard’s soundman Brett Orrison and former soundman for The Black Angels, Galactic and current Antone’s production manager, Myles Crosbye. Steven DeGrennaro recorded the live tracks at The Jam Room over New Years weekend in 2009. www.monumnettonoone.com

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Carley WolfSet Sail: Local singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist celebrates her debut album with a CD release party on September 15th and the Cactus Café. The album is ten original songs with a stylistic mix of gypsy, folks, American and classical sounds. Recorded at Troubadour Studio and collaboratively produced by Wolf, Collins and Jonathan Konya of the Belleville Outfit, Wolf layered the guitars, upright bass mandolin, keys and banjo while Konya laid down the beats. Katy Rose from Shotgun Party is featured on fiddle and David Moss from The Blue Hit added cello. Wolf’s acoustic sound has been compared to the likes of Norah Jones, Lucinda Williams, Cat Power and Fiest… all strong women with a strong voice and a unique sound. The CD will be available at the show for the first time and then in indie record stores around and online through carleywolf.com. Wolf has toured the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe with various musical groups including the Crooked Jades and the Celestialites. She’s released three EP’s while studying in San Marcos. After graduating with a degree in Audio Engineering and Classical Guitar, she formed her current band to support the release of debut full length album, Set Sail. www.carleywolf.com

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LunicLovethief: Brooding tracks with a strong female voice braced with beautiful strings from violins and violas is the hallmark sounds of Lunic, except they bring something a bit grungy to the table as well, evoking sounds of Garbage or a ruffle of feathers of Ra Ra Riot. Interestingly, Lovethief was funded entirely by Lunic fans worldwide via Sellaband.com. Fans invested as little as $10 or as much as they chose to support the album and all investors received a free limited edition copy of the album upon its completion. An unbelievable $50,000 was contributed and as the ultimate testament to the true relationship between fans and artists. Lunic was able to record, mix, master and promote Lovethief entirely through this funding.  Formed in 2006, by Katiee Page who is the primary song writer of the band; she can also be heard on vocals, violin, viola and keys. Joined by Micah Berggren on guitar and backing vocals, Marcus Morgan on bass, and Kevin Seaman on drums, the band rounds out. The sound is brilliant, clever and toxic all at the same time entrapping the listener from the first go around. They’ve shared the stage with Moby, Creed, Meiko, Derdg, Company of Thieves, Bell X1 and Hypernova and winning various accolades such as “Him” nominated for Rock Single of the Year at the 2009 LA music awards. They are a mix of sounds from other bands like Metric, Paramore, Evanescence, Silversun Pickups Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Garbage and Apocalyptica. Release date was September 1, 2009, so we aren’t too far behind and they can be found at www.myspace.com/lunic.  5.0 McRiprock’s

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