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Darling New NeighborsRocket: Eclectic without being diluted and genre-mixing without getting lost, Darling New Neighbors create a sound with compositions that fall fast and loose playing along the soft-hard smash like The Pixies and lo-fi contemporaries, the Vivian Girls. Born in 2004, Rocket, a self-released follow-up to the widely acclaimed first release Every Day is Saturday Night (which debuted in 2006) is filled with the contributions in the dense world of talented Austinites that make this place so special and a magnet for those with creative musical power. Everything from its handcrafted packaging to the pedal steel playing to the mastering and production screams all Austin. Rocket’s tracks excel from the pop shape shifting sprawling “Electrolux” to the masochistic, Latin flavored “Tango” and the love as a flash-burning resource on “Gasoline” to the dirty-talk trash of “Take It,’ they infuse an innocence and darkness that can’t be found in other Austin groups. Playing with everyone from The Moaners and Matt & Kim to Yo Majesty and most recently winning the “Monitor Mix,” song competition created by Carrie Brownstein of Sleater Kinney for NPR they were ready for a national release. Along with waves of national tours under their belt they were ready to make a national release. Rocket will be released October 15th available for sale online and in stores. www.darlingnewneighbors.com 5.0 McRiprock’s.

Tin Can PhoneSelf Titled EP: An explosive four-piece rock reggae band out of Austin that fuses the energy and drive with effects of heavy vocals and melodic guitars. Drawing influences from such bands as K-OS, RX Bandits and Pepper, their first studio produced five-track EP was recorded at The Recording Conservatory of Austin. Released on October 9th, TCP is a combo of rock, solid rhythms, vocal hooks, tight harmonies and guitar battles that excite and audience that has become a consistently growing fan base. The band has toured throughout Texas, Austin and as far north as Chicago, it found the time to dedicate itself to produce a proper studio album and establish itself nationally. www.myspace.com/tincanphonemusic.com 4.0 McRiprock’s

Amanda PearcyWalkin’ on Sunday: Celebrating her first debut CD at the Cactus Café on October 16th, this is an album that tells Pearcy’s story with grace and authenticity. She takes stories of her life and weaves them into beautiful crafted pieces. Never formally trained, Pearcy taught herself to play after many years of keeping her creative force tucked away until life shifted her in the direction to begin playing her own music. Living through some rough times, Pearcy reflects, “I’ve done a lot of livin’…been on some rough roads and I figure I have a few yet to go. But I’m blessed beyond my wildest dreams all at the same time and that’s something I don’t take for granted.” www.myspace.com/amandapearcymusic.com 5.3 McRiprock’s

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