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Hux here. Even though cold out, the Lonestar Six Pack Project trudges along on the porch with Dud. Boots keep tapping and six packs consumed. I’ll keep pressing play. Keep listening.

1 drinkable- 6 goes down smooth

Ben MallottLook Good, Feel Good–Austin local Mallott, is grainy in his songwriter/singer attributions. His first solo release produce songs ranging from sentimental to sad that leads the listener on a journey that is heartfelt and genuine.

Mallott let the laid-back space of of Congress House Studios guide him in creating music that’s pure Texas folk/country. Set for a release date of December 10th, he’ll introduce a sound that’s purely Austin and blends American heart and soul in each track. It’s a fresh sound that includes mandolin and other traditional folk/country pieces. The Continental Club will host his release on December 3rd. It’s a soft, lyrical album with a strong folk background. 4.5 McRiprock’s.

Voices of a Grateful NationVolume I and II–Voices of a Grateful Nation is a musical endeavor founded by a group of Texas-based independent music folks in an effort to assist our homecoming troops who have served in the post-9/11 foreign conflicts. Two CDS in Voices of a Grateful Nation include top Texas artists like Jesse Dayton, Jimmy LaFave, W.C. Clark and porterdavis, Dustin Welch, The Band of Heathens, Lavelle White and Guitar Shorty and countless others singing songs of gratitude, support and understanding. An ongoing series of music released on Veteran’s Day with some of the finest musicians in Texas. An eclectic mix of music featuring some outstanding artists for a good cause. 5.5 McRiprock’s.

Nic WalkerLittle Red Horse–Reportedly, every song was recorded in a bathroom, a shed or a car which is interesting enough, but the album produced is a folksy tribute to all things Walker finds inspiration– Mississippi Jon Hurt, Two Galants, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mississippi Shieks, Nina Simone, Diamanda Gallis, The Reeks and the Wrecks, Sixteen Horsepower, Johnny Cash. Walker brings a unique sound to an album that’s well worth picking up. Grassroots at its best, he brings folk music heavy, but makes it his own with lyrical and instrumental tracks that perk up your ears. His voice evokes a Dylan roughness and the “bedroom” recording aesthetic reflects this and makes it more authentic folk than most of of the folk/rock/Americana that’s produced throughout Austin. A refreshing take with songwriting capability and sound. A lone acoustic guitar and Waker’s voice reigns supreme in e, iery track. There’s nothing fancy here, and that’s what it makes it a joy to listen to. Check him out on myspace. 5.0 McRiprock’s

The HowliesTrippin’ with the Howlies-Garage rock doo wop wrapped in the humidity that is Atlanta makes The Howlies a unique voice on the scene that includes influences like the Black Lips and King Khan and the Shrines. Pulling in everything from an Otis Redding to a Rolling Stones and the Sex Pistols to the Trashmen vibe they create an album produced by legendary Kim Fowley that cannot be missed. True rock n’ roll with a roll back flash in the pan makes them well worth the scurry to the store or the click on iTunes to add this to your collection. Lyrically fun and musically simple in its composition its an album that is sure to take off. Recorded in a breathless 42 hours in California this band is worth the tape. Await their SXSW debut with baited breath. Their full-length album set to debut January 2009, but look for quick cuts and songs on itunes and definitely check out their myspace page for video. 5.5 McRiprock’s

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