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Hux here. Bringing more tunes your way. Keep your ears peeled.

1-6: bottle worthy- goes down real smooth

Dremnt the End–Self Titled– Straightforward disco mid-80s Cure-like riffs with verve from a major label and falsetto springing forth best describes this band’s sound. It really reeks of the Robert Smith with a little bit of a harder core center. It seems like Robert Smith met Billy Idol and got a polished center.  Opener, “Stuck in the Love” beats the falsetto right out of the lead singer. Their myspace site provides some videos of “Stuck in the Love” and “Part of Me” and some other extra goodies. 4.0 McRiprock’s

Reverse X Rays–Situation Island– Funky has its home with the Reverse Xrays. It’s a head trip with a psychedelic, jam band, groovy feel that’s densely musical and refreshingly strange. It’s experimental jazz/rock at it’s finest messing with your head at every chord change and added twist.  The album produces a highly nervous kinetic energy that’s addictive. It pulls you and pushes you around without knowing which direction you’d prefer– and so you get to explore them all. Influences include and can be felt: James Brown, The Cardiacs and Faust. 5.0 McRipRock’s

Scurvy Otto and the Rickets–From Austin to Abbey Road–Self-produced by a band that was formed in 1983 that had taken a 22 year hiatus and reunited to record this, their first LP. Uniquely, half of the album was recorded at 5AM Recording Studio in Austin with the the half recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. Past gigs include opening for Alejandro Escovedo’s band “the True Believers” and Joe King Carrasco in Kingsville. The album is a rich sound with a bit of a British-sounding twist that has an authentic, smooth rock n’ roll vibe that melts evenly throughout the album even with different recording venues involved. 5.0 McRiprock’s.

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  1. Sir Bob

    Hey Hux, thanks for the kind words and for takin the time to check out the album. Cheers-

    Sir Bob