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As the weather gets colder, the music gets louder. Dud’s got a sweater and I’ve got a few koozies for the cans. 1: drinkable-6: lost track and tastes good.

Amanda Mora–The Ribbon–Mora’s debut album is a nice blend of acoustic pop and cafe jazz with it’s feet firmly planted in folk territory. Her voice is soothing and stirring without being intrusive or abrasive. Released in October, at 25 years old she produces an album that’s mature and complex with its vision and its songwriting/singing skill. Flavored with all things jazzy, folksy and including the beauty of a voice that sings with ease, Mora’s album is an interesting mix that makes for a nice change of pace. 5.0 McRiprock’s

The Invincible Czars–The Nutcracker Suite– Just in time for the holidays, the Invincible Czars have taken on a project that is a modern, eclectic version of the holiday classic that we all know and love. Their rock interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite” is refreshingly original. In 2004, the band debuted their first arrangement of the Suite at Austin’s underground hub, The Church of the Friendly Ghost and it’s taken off ever since. In 2007, the band entered Ohm Recording Facility in Austin to produce a complete and extended version of the Nutcracker. They combine the essential holiday-season music with their trademark orchestral ambitions making this a Nutcracker you’ve never heard before. 4.5 McRiprock’s

Hollywood Gossip–You’re So Quiet– Taking cues from Beulah, the Decemberists, Smoking Popes and the Lucksmiths, they have a sound that ranges from the unique horn driven jangly pop to a sweet Americana. Self-described as “Texas Pop” they do pop justice with a few new band members and most requested songs like “Bicycle.” They even manage to put out a love letter to our sweet Austin in “Something’s Happening.” It’s pop with harmonica, horns and a little Americana twisted in a short seven track album. 4.0 McRiprock’s

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