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Lonesome Heroes—Crooked HighwayRich Russell and Landry McMeans front this psychedelic country group that’s gritty and twangy and all Texas. The album is a treat with chugging guitar sweeps, McMeans’ trill, duets with an earthy sound and fiddle and French Horn. It’s a little more country than psychedelic, but the psychedelic stands up and takes a bow occasionally producing a sound that’s feels good to the ears and makes for easy listening. 5.5 McRiprock’s

Jessica Lea Mayfield—With Blasphemy So HeartfeltMayfield’s first LP is a treat. This Ohio native, brings a haunting voice and strong lyrics that captures the listener easily she produces a record that’s ethereal, beautifully simplistic and dark and moody. Produced by legendary Black Keys front man Dan Auerbach. The album was recorded over a two-year span in Auerbach’s home studio with a variety of instrumentation including the upright bass and special guests such as Dr. Dog’s Scott McMicken and Frank McElroy. She’ll be visiting Austin February 13th at the Parish. 5.5 McRiprock’s.

Adrian Emberley– LoveBoston’s Adrian Emberley’s debut EP Love includes sophistocated songwriting that is personal, realistic and tarnscendent. Straight out of the Berklee College of Music, Emberley and her band brings their own unique talent to the album. Opening with the whimsical “For Me” the album moves around and feels film-like in its composition. With Michael Dylan on guitar and bass, Calin Peters on cello and Daniel Roman on drums the marriage of sound works well with Emberelys’ voice and the backup harmonies each member provides. Most tracks are subtle and heartfelt and show off Emberley’s skills as both a writer and an arranger. 5.0 McRiprock’s.

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