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This film is outstanding! Meek’s Cutoff gives you room to think for yourselves. What is actually happening? How do you feel? You are involved from second one. A stance most films just don’t allow for anymore, preferring to jam everything down your throat ad nauseum. Taut. Intriguing. The music score pitch perfect. This film, though not for everyone, knocked off my proverbial socks.
This is a story of three families and a guide pioneering their way into Oregon, circa 1854. You are with them in their times of struggle, of confusion, their fears, their faith. a gamut of events and emotions, but, and this was something that struck me numb… all things which we, as a contemporary species, mostly take for granted.
All is proceeding, though not without the heretofore roller coaster of this land based odyssey, but then all bets are off when their paths cross with a lone, Cayuse Indian.
Then, this already satisfying movie becomes even more interesting and complex.
The ending is superb, mystifying, in that you, the audience, are left to decide which ending you would prefer, which touches upon a key element in this film, one you will have to see for yourselves to understand my cryptic words.
Its tone at times reminded me of, “Days of Heaven” by Terrence Mallick, in that very little dialogue is utilized to develop any sort of plot, letting the action and the sound move everything along at the albeit slow, but perfect tempo.
Meek’s Cutoff. A brave movie that stands on its own and will derive no comparisons.
Loved it!
Meeks Cutoff

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