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AD: For people who don’t know. what is Suicide Girls and why did you start it?

Suicide Girls is a pinup site with hot naked girls and a community, with message boards, groups, dating. The site also features a great newswire and a terrific interview section.

I started it as a way to showcase gorgeous women i knew and saw every day, that didn’t fit in with the mainstream ideas of what is beautiful. It was an art project/experiment; something I could be passionate about while doing corporate freelance projects. I had always loved pin-up girl photography and wanted to photograph the girls that I knew with the same sort of control and respect the classic pin-ups were given.

AD: What sets you apart from playboy ?

SG: Playboy girls feel slightly unattainable, whereas the girls on suicidegirls are the ladies you already know, but naked.

AD: What is the name Suicide Gils all about?

SG:The term was taken from the Chuck Palahnuick book, Survivor. There are no dark sinister undertones. If I had known the site would be so popular then I might have thought the name out a bit more.

Suicide girls is a term my friends and I had been using to describe the girls we saw in Portland’s Pioneer Square with skateboards in one hand, wearing a Minor Threat hoodie, listening to Ice Cube on their iPods while reading a book of Nick Cave’s poetry. They are girls who didn’t fit into any conventional sub-culture and didnt define themselves based on musical taste like punk, metal, goth, etc. I think the only classifications right now people identify with are mainstream and outside of mainstream. That is why the site is called SuicideGirls.

AD: How do you choose who will be a Suicide Girl? And how does a girl get involved?

SG: I receive about 1000 applications a week from girls wanting to become Suicide Girls just through the website. A lot of the women attracted to becoming SuicideGirls identify heavily with the SuicideGirls currently on the site and are already members of the community. Potential models are attracted to what the community is interested in: music, politics, fashion, etc. and they see other women who look like they do and they want to be part of it. The women who become SuicideGirls all share a similar strong self-confidence and independence in who they are and how they interact with the world.

I go over the applications and choose girls that will be an asset to the community and who want to model for their own personal reasons, not just because a boyfriend thinks it would be hot.

AD: What do you say to people that label the site as porn?

SG: I get this question a lot and writers often label us as adult without really taking time to explore the community. We have never considered SuicideGirls to feature anything but beautiful and interesting women in sensual pin-up style photographs. We acknowledge that sexuality is defined by the individual and each person has a comfort level with they deem acceptable and we respect their opinions. SuicideGirls believes that creativity, personality and intelligence are not incompatible with sexy, compelling entertainment.

The SG community interacts like everyday people do when they feel they are in a comfortable and accepting environment. They discuss sex and dating frankly, they have strong opinions about everything from music to politics, and aren’t afraid to loudly discourse about them. The community has created over 700 sub-groups for people to discuss and get tips on fashion, musical genres, video games, computers, traveling, etc.

AD: Why is the Federal Government hassling you guys? Don’t you think they have enough foreign and domestic issues on their plate to be concerned about some images on you site? What has your experience with the Feds been like, please explain?

SG: I guess the war on terror is over, since the FBI has time to hassle people who take pictures of topless girls. We were all told that 9/11 changed everything, but really it didn’t change anything. The federal government focuses on busting tommy chong for selling bongs on the internet and people in the adult industry instead of focusing on real threats.

AD: The interviews on your site are amazing, why did you decide to start this feature of the website?

SG: We are using our newfound noteriety and popularity as an excuse to sit and talk to some of the most interesting artists, thinkers and businesspeople of our time in every field from literature to television to film to comics to videogames to politics. It’s been an amazing opportunity to get to have candid, in depth conversations with counter culture icons without having to boil what they say down to a sound clip or a quote.

Suicide GirlsAD: What is the suicide girls tour all about? And what can we look forward to in Austin in November?

SG: The SuicideGirls tour is the webpage come alive! It’s an updated, modern more rock n roll version of burlesque. The girls dance to everything from queens of the stone age to ac/dc and peaches.

We have 7 amazing incredible dancers, including an incredible hoola hooper, ready to show Austin a super sexy good time.

AD: What has been your experience with Suicide Girls?

SG: The entire experience has been phenomenal. Every day I talk to and meet hundreds of beautiful, unique women from all over the world.

AD: What’s next?

SG: Myself and several other SuicideGirls just finished filming an episode of CSI – NY that will air October 18th and our next DVD, shot at a villa in Tuscany, will be released in October! We constantly have new exciting things in the works and look forward to debuting them to our fans! ***

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  1. Storm Large

    SuicideGirls is the Wal-mart of AltPorn, read more about their lawsuits and scandals at http://www.lithiumpicnic.com

  2. bubba

    i my self being from the austin area and am now in japan have missed the austincronicle witch i had no idea to even think of loking on the inter net for then while i was doing so my frend told me about this site i had to check it out low and behold this is the best dam pinup girll site the internet and public has come to face i thank u for this site keep up the great work u are doing

    i love suicidegirls.com