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Who knew Blanche Devereaux owned property in Austin?  According to Austin Star Map, my second favorite golden girl, (how can one compete with Sophia) Rue McClanahan, was spotted at an Austin title company closing on the sale of one of her local properties. It was interesting to read that Rue’s autobiography is titled ‘My First Five Husbands.’ That kind of seems like life-imitating art since Blanche was the man-crazed golden girl of the show.

Kyle Chandler who plays Coach Eric Taylor on Friday Night lights also has been in the market for a property in Austin.  It would make sense to have a home here seeing as how a lot of the show is shot in and around Austin.  And speaking of buying homes, Dennis Quaid has made it no secret that he plans to make Austin his permanent home in a couple of years.  The veteran actor, a UT sports fan is currently on the promotion circuit for his new movie, ‘Express’ where he plays (speaking of coaches) Syracuse coach Ben Schwartzwalder.

The Improbable President
For all you George Bush fans (and non-fans as well) the movie W. opened up the Austin Film Festival on Thursday.  I’m sure George Jr. regrettably declined his invitation to the screening; in attendance was James Cromwell who plays the more senior of the Bushes in the movie.  This must have been a difficult role for the actor to play since he has been hanging out on the ‘extreme left’ for most of his life.  James was also spotted chowing down on some vegan dishes at Casa De Luz.  The movie is playing in theatres now. I for one will not be seeing it as I can think of much better things to do with my time than waste two hours of it watching Dubya’s life on film.  In fact, reading the dictionary sounds more appealing (and educational!) to me at the moment.

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