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AUSTIN, Texas, April 5, 2011 – Nightmare and the Cat and one of the leaders of the Los Angeles underground art movement, Gary Baseman, performed together for SXSW on Sunday, March 13th at HP Mobile Park, a temporary live in community of 15 custom-designed trailers inspired by a combination of Austin’s funky culture and vintage Route 66 themes, for artists bloggers and trendsetters from the fields of technology, music, film and pop culture.

Formed by Dave Stewart’s (Eurythmics) sons Django and Sam,, Nightmare and the Cat is less than a year old and garnering critical acclaim with their artistic, eclectic approach to music. Gary Baseman painted on a canvas while the band played at Hewlett Packard’s “Pop Up Park”, inspiring each other to artistic heights of SXSWism. This is the second band to be brought to our attention at SXSW 2011 by a major corporation, and we hope this is a new trend for industry supporting the arts. Quick, someone form a brain trust to feed big business some more good ideas like this.

“The HP Mobile Park is a content incubator where people are sharing and creating new ideas in real time and across multiple platforms,”said Tariq Hassan, vice president, Worldwide and Regional Marketingand Communications, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “At HP we are focusing on innovation, and through platforms like HP ePrint we are making printing accessible, relevant and simple for the digital generation.”

Rock on Hewlett Packard, we are all about innovation and providing new models for our brilliant artists. See more about Nightmare and the Cat at their website and Gary Baseman at his official site.

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