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With the Austin City Limits and Fantastic Fest taking place over the last couple of weeks there has been no shortage of celebrity sightings. Let us begin:

Silent Bob Speaks

Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, Comic-book Aficionado and all around awesome guy, Kevin Smith was in town to screen his new movie “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.”  I would share with you the plot line but I think the title pretty much takes care of that job for me. I’ll fill you in that they are making a porno in order to get out of debt.   When one is strapped for cash the next logical step is clear — make porn.  Why didn’t I think of that??  Kevin didn’t stay that long in Austin seeing is how he is screening his movie across the country before its national release at the end of October, but he was spotted at the Driskill hotel chilling on his balcony according to www.austinstarmap.com.

World Premiere

Former Austin resident Benjamin Mckenzie returned to his hometown for the world premiere of his new film “Johnny Got his Gun.”  The movie tells the story of a young American soldier hit by an artillery shell on the last day of the World War One.  Sounds like pretty heavy stuff for the young actor.  Well….maybe not that young, it seems like just yesterday I was watching the 30 year old actor play high school student Ryan Atwood on the O.C.  We know how directors like to cast their ‘high school students’ (I’m having some awful flashbacks of Andrea from 90210).  Ben attended the premiere at the Paramount theatre, and I’m sure in his down time he was spending time with his family since they still reside in Austin.


A-list star Drew Barrymore has recently been spotted around town shooting her new movie Whip It!  The movie is about a Texas girl who discovers a roller derby league in Austin that helps her deal with her small-town blues.  Austin was lucky enough to play host to the ‘exterior shots’ of the movie (Damn you Michigan and your 40 percent incentives!)  Drew was spotted at Cedar Street Courtyard checking at Austin’s own Spazmatics.  Also in attendance was one of Hollywood’s new “it” girls, Ellen Page, who will be starring in the movie.

The Return of Peter Venkman

Bill Murray put in a surprise appearance at Fantastic Fest at the screening of his new movie, City of Ember.  This filmed closed the festival.  Seeing how the movie takes place underground, the audience was whisked away by buses to the Longhorn Caverns for some underground partying where Bill also made an appearance.  In random and exciting news, Bill mentioned that he would definitely be into doing another Ghostbusters movie, and their have been writers working on potential scripts.  Bring back Peter Venkman!

Anyone catch any ACL action this year?  Besides the obvious people performing did anyone spot any Celebs checking out some shows this year?

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