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The campground was packed with RVs, tents, and canvass as we crept into the lot for the first night of the festival. Under the shade of the oaks people gathered greeting friends old and new or made their way towards the main pavilion where the Brave Combo was just setting up. Hula hoops, unicycles, and children played and ran around. The Brave Combo played a rocking set, followed by the Waybacks who rocked our faces off. The Waybacks play again tonight, don’t miss it. Just as we pulled out of the campground it began to rain hammers and nails. I am not sure how the campground fared, but I am sure there was not a dry person anywhere. This morning I awoke to a beautiful sun. The storm has passed and a beautiful weekend of great music and people is ahead.

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  1. amy

    Sounds like a wonderful time !