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by Bree Perlman

When we meet Tony Stark he is the quintessential American stereotype—excessive, arrogant, consumer happy. He’s a filthy rich playboy with a child-like perspective on the world. Namely it and all its spoils are his for the taking. A made-in-America James Bond, he’s a little sloppier, a little louder, and after a stint in captivity in Afghanistan, a lot more conscientious about his imprint on the world. American dream turned American hero and the timing couldn’t be better. Our President has failed us. We have failed the world. Bloated consumerism has ravaged our environment, sent our gas prices soaring, our economy to the toilet. Now is the time to reconsider our purpose. Well, at least someone should. Robert Downy Jr.? An unlikely superhero. But then again, maybe not. His own struggles of excess and rediscovery have played out in the media over the years. He’s shown the world his dark side and then he’s shown the world the lighter one. Who better to root for on both a personal and professional level? He’s human after all. And then, well, he’s not. He’s Iron Man. Full of faults but best intentions; not perfect but getting there. He’s funny, intelligent, and undeniably sexy. He’s compulsively charming and has you eating out of the palm of his hand from the moment he appears on screen. And for the sake of this summer’s blockbuster, he is the new face of America: remorseful, responsible, and knows, or at least shows the initial signs of knowing, how to make what we have made wrong, right. And while we may only be ready to try driving the hybrid, thankfully Iron Man will swoop into Afghanistan and save the father of two from being executed by terrorists. A tad sanctimonious? Yes. Infectiously Optimistic? You better believe it. Pure unabashed fun? Absolutely. Chock full of corporate sponsors from Bulgari to Porsche to keep it glossy, thrilling action scenes to keep it exciting, and moments of witty, genuinely funny dialogue to keep it adult, it’s the perfect superhero movie. In theaters 5.2.08

reviewed by Bree Perlman

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  1. Dolores

    When Robert Downy Jr is good he is a complete delight.
    I am certainly going to go to the cinema to get infected with optimism, (if I may quote)

  2. Russ