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[custom_field limit=”1″ between=”, ” /] Before I write one word about the incredible food I encountered at Pars Deli, I first must pay tribute where tribute is due. The proprietors of this unassuming Mediterranean restaurant, Sam and Kobra, are two of the finest, most righteous human beings you can ever hope to meet in this world. Genuine, caring, honest, hard working people who are compelled to share their culture in the most loving way possible, by preparing food for you as if you are family and you are in their home. I know that many ethnic restauranteurs boast of such a dedication, and fall short… well, not in this case. Pars Deli is the real deal.
You know, there was a book entitled, “Like Water for Chocolate”, written by Laura Esquivel, where whatever emotion the woman experienced as she cooked the food for the family was magically transferred into the food and those that partook experienced these same emotions. While many might scoff at such a notion, I believe there is a degree of truth there. I do truly believe the love with which Sam and Kobra prepare their dishes is not lost on those who partake of them. Their passion for creating something not only delicious, but very healthy as well, is tied deep into the roots of their culture dating back thousands of years. Sam and Kobra use only the freshest of ingredients that are indigenous to their culture, and they employ the most clean of cooking processes. We’re talking cooking things slow, the old fashioned way. For instance, the meats are cooked separate from the other ingredients, for up to five hours if need be. They soak beans overnight. They only add the meat to the meal right before serving, insuring a very lean, clean dish. After all the food I was served on my inaugural visit, I walked away feeling energized for the rest of the day, a testament to the freshness and cleanliness of the food preparation. And speaking of which, I was sat at a table for 8, and -I kid you not- the table was crammed full of every dish imaginable! After putting a healthy dent in all of it, I still left with about three bags full of take-out and me and my neighbors ate like kings for the next coupla days, the food actually improving -if such a thing can be believed- as the ingredients and the spices had time to further infuse with each other, tightening the overall balance of flavors. Knockout!!!
Now, let me tell you about those groceries. And the good new is, I have very good news…
As I mentioned, I was able to sample a good bit of their menu, and even though there were some items I’m not particularly crazy about, all of the dishes had that something special that makes eating a very wonderful, even breathtaking experience. There are so many good things I could say about Sam and Korba’s food it would take a novella to tell the story, so, instead, I will choose to give you the highlights…
The spanakopita (spinach pie) is the best I’ve ever had. The braised lamb, also ranks up there with the best I’ve ever had. The potatoes with mint and the bean side dishes are done to perfection and will make you pause in delight after just one bite. Their basmati rice covered in slivered almonds and pomegranate is simply delicious, serving as a bed to a host of yogurt, cucumber and tomato sauces and meats that are available.
There are also many vegetarian dishes available, too, all with a twist of preparation that maximizes health. For instance, their falafel is not deep fried, but cooked in a pan with olive oil, making for a much healthier, better tasting dish.
There are many types of wrap sandwiches, gyros, kabobs, and shawarmas. Salads, too, like tabuli, olive as well as traditional Greek salads that are also served with a variety of their meats, feta, cucumbers and tomatoes. Then there are dips like humus, baba ghanuj and yogurt, and several sides that add to your dining experience. Their soups are all righteous and the pomegranate is standout
Pars also has a wide variety of teas and Turkish coffee. There is one in particular that has sent me over the moon with its unbelievable taste and freshness, and that is the Rose tea, made with an extract of the essence of rose petals that is not to be believed. Heaven. Pure heaven.
I mentioned that Sam and Korba are both hard working, and there’s yet another reason to visit them. To keep the costs down for their customers, they almost literally do EVERYTHING in their restaurant, whereby they can keep costs down and pass those savings onto you. Prices are incredibly reasonable for what you are getting. Some items start at $1.99 and the most expensive dish is only $12. Most are between $4 and $6. Again, for what you get, these prices are super duper bargains.
There is a reason why people from the Mediterranean live longer lives than we. Their food is perfect in both health and taste. And Sam and Korba are giving you the very best of what their world has to offer.
And be prepared to become part of their growing, extended family, as they are on a first name basis with many of their customers, evidenced by most everyone who visited them while I was there being called by their first names. A great vibe! A great atmosphere!
Pars Deli is located at 8820 Burnet Rd. Suite 502 (southwest corner of 183 and Burnet, right near Trudy’s). You can order take out, too. Their phone number is 452.4888. Hours are 9AM -8PM, Mon. -Sat. Sunday, noon-5PM. They also have catering and party plates are also available, too.
I wholeheartedly recommend Pars Deli! My words truly do not do this restaurant justice, so come by and see and taste for yourself. Thank me later.
Tell them Magnus sent you. Add your name to their growing family of devotees.
And thank you to both Sam and Kobra for welcoming me into their world, their culture as they did. My life is enriched because…

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