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I was most curious about this film as it specifically deals with something very close to my heart, the evolution of the arts and how their distribution is radically changing.
I’ve had numerous conversations with many of my peers about this evolution so I was curious the filmmakers take on the subject.
Yes, we all know that technology has enabled those who heretofore weren’t privy to the tools to create this art, but that landscape has certainly changed. Everyone now can be a filmmaker, a writer, a photographer, a musician. There is the argument that most of what is being created is useless, but that’s not the point. And the big 800 pound gorilla in the room is how the industries who support these arts are also either becoming extinct or grappling to figure out how best to utilize the WWW so business can continue, albeit a whole new animal.
The movie spoke to a number of people involved in all these fields as well as some noted futurists (Seth Godin) and the conclusion they’ve reached mirror my own feelings.
Business is forever changed, but, and here’s the big but, this is an exciting time as now the artist can not only create with these new tools, but he has an opportunity utilizing the existing internet channels to find his fan base and deal with them directly, something that hasn’t ever existed.
I feel this documentary will have more importance as time wears on, as it correctly documents where the arts vs. commerce clearly stands during this evolution/revolution. A whole new dawn.
The filmmakers nailed it. PressPausePlay Trailer

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