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New Orleans royalty George Porter Jr. brings his Runnin Pardners to Momo’s tonight. Expect two sets of funk n’ soul that wear a hole in your dancin shoes. Porter laid down bass lines in memorable sessions for Dr John (“Right Place, Wrong Time”), Robert Palmer (“Sneakin Sally Thru the Alley”) and dozens of hits for Lee Dorsey. Porter’s work in the Meters defined the funk genre, creating a standard that still inspires new musicians today. Typical Runnin Pardner sets include Meters songs, cover songs from George’s session work, and Runnin Pardner orignals. The Runnin Pardner band includes Brint Anderson on guitar, a former Austinite and leader of Austin band Coupe De Ville, known for their gigs with Stevie Ray and Dr. John back in the day.

Check the supreme funkiness of George and the Meters on this 1974 TV special. That’s George on the left in a solid white cape suit looking like a kung fu action hero. On percussion is south Austin resident Cyril Neville. Yeah you right!

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