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If the director would’ve shown up for his world premiere (he didn’t) I would’ve walked up on stage and beat his ass for wasting two hours of my life.
A film about a young boy, Jani who lives in a very bleak town in Finland, Rovaniemi. He’s a junkie. You see him running up, constantly, trying to filch more drugs when he’s run out of money, selling merchandise he’s stolen to score hits, getting caught, getting sent to jail and prison, having his fingers cut off when he robs the wrong person. Did I mention you see him getting high acting a fool? CONSTANTLY! When the local authorities are about to really close in on him he robs someone else and flees to France where he can legally get the drug he craves. He gets… a lot, and takes off to Africa, Spain and other exotic locales. Scoring, fleeing back to his grungy hostel, and staying very high.
That’s it. That ‘s the whole movie.
Jani does finally run out of money and it’s back to Finland, where again, he resumes his natural wastrel, degenerate rhythm.
The film ends with him in this deserted, bland town, walking the icy empty streets saying “Well, this is my life. This is what I chose.” The End.
I wanna strangle the director. He bothered to waste years of his life on this, then promptly wastes mine, too?! Fuck him.
If this is supposed to scare people off drugs, okay maybe, but I don’t think this was their intent at all. WASTE OF TIME.

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