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I do love me these guys. I have been a fan and friends with the Hairy Apes BMX  for many years. These guys rarely play as Hairy Apes BMX anymore. When they do, my butt is there. Because of my bad timing call for T-bird & Breaks, we arrived before the scheduled start time. Way too early. So, I checked out some old Clifford pictures. I don’t know what my photographer got into. Now, the Apes have some die hard fans, like me, that will brave distances and elements to get that beat fix. I saw some faces that I haven’t seen since the last Apes show. We caught up and solved mysteries. The mystery of the early ending gig we saw on Fridaze night was solved. The Mohawk’s outdoor stage is outdoors. The sound ordinance shows its fangs again.
They began.    Mike started in on that beat that just sucks you in. JJ’s bass riffs keep you there. They went through the standards and I filled my veins.  Oh baby! Then some guy named Topaz joined in on sax and hand held  drum. This group of  three; a drumer, a bass/vocals and xylophone/percussion/vocals is really tight. A perfect ensemble, if you will. And yet this Topaz managed to find a way in and hold his own. Cool to see. They played through much of my favorites. I need that fix often. God, I hope I find  that bootleg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See you next time. Photos shot   by   Kyle Woods

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