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The timing  was off. I purposely sought a late arrival. Maybe because it is hot, because I have been hanging out with musicians or maybe because of faulty logic, I ignored the scheduled start time and figured they would go on later. A blend of all three sounds good. Lesson learned.  Ok. I’m gonna start this blog. I will  write about going out and about. I will bring a photographer when I can.
The Mohawk…  After wrestling with a door guy who had not been awaiting and anticipating our arrival, my photographer and I moved in unscathed with just a few bruises on my ego. The music was going full force. The funk was flowing. The patio was overflowing with pulsating bodies. We split up and I went deep and headlong into the crowd. Parting  the crowd before me, like Moses. I do love that.  I  saw a beautiful and familiar face who helped guide my path. Then there was the stage.  All around me people were shaking and grooving; some were singing along with T-Bird.   He owned this crowd and he knew it. To his left were three gorgeous backup singers, behind him were a bass player,  a drummer, and three horn players.   A guitar man filled out the stage and completed The Breaks’ presence.   T-Bird belted out his lyrics with soul,  infusing the crowd with  the get down.  And groove we did. Sweat and soul alwaze seem to fit together. Dancing. Oh baby!!!   Then it was done.   Guess they started early or at scheduled time. Will make a note to follow scheduled times a bit closer.

Photos shot by Kyle Woods.

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