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+On a recent intergalactic mission, I crossed paths with my friend ZAPOT,  GDA has been landing and taking over many cities in the southwest.  While at the station on star 27, awaiting fuel, I asked him a few questions..
Daze: where are yall heàded next?
Zapot:(ART OUTSIDE) We head to the magical hills of Apache Pass where the creative entities and the wandering gypsy revelers meld into one giant ball of ecstatic energy.
Daze: I will be there too. Tell Me about it? Î think this is a return trip for yall right?
Zapot: Correct. I believe we played last year although it may have been 10,000 moons ago. It is quite a blur for I remember not knowing what era or space time continuum I had entered.
Daze: what can we expect from your show.?
Zapot: We promise to transport you beyond the digital constrictions of your daily life and free you from the narrow confines of the glowing screen you perpetually bow before and worship. We promise to introduce you to the true source of all life on your Earthship, the great provider Ra-Horakhty.
Do ÿall have a new album coming out?
Yes February 12th!’

 Téll me how yàll found art outside?
A few of our members had collaborated on this beautiful experiment of imageaudio visual transformation in the past.image

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