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DAMN IT TAKES ME SO   LONG TO  FOCUS. HERE ARE MY PICKS from what i  saw. SOME OF ThEM MATCH THE  CRITIC’S picks  & SOME  DO NOT. THESE ARE THE FILMS    THAT  I  REMEMBER  DIGGING. EACH   OF  THESE I  WILL  RE-WATCH  OVER  AND OVER. I  SEE  many   FILMs A  YEAR BECAuSE OF   THE PAPER. THANKS   TO   TIM  AND   HARRY(fantastic  fest),  I HAVE  LEARNED  A  GREAT  WAY   TO  EXPERIENCE   FILMS,  and  that  is to  do no  research, thereby to make  every screening a “secret  screening.” I   see some  bombs this way but when I see something  great it is  an electrifying jolt of awesomeness.  This usually only works in the festival  setting. Here we go, in  no   order (if here I liked it.)
1. SUPER –   i had a  great  time with    this one at  sxsw. the  crimson bolt! i was sure  this    was   gonna  be huge. It  died  quickly.   it  is  extreme,  brutal  and  very  harsh.    I  dig it
2. MIDNIGHT IN PARIS –  My favorite  film  of year.   Woody  is  back.    this is a  love letter to Paris.   very similar    to   MANHATTAN,   which is probably my favorite  film.
3 TREE OF  LIFE –  floored  by  this  film i  was. The imagery  was in my mind   for  weeks. Mallick  has created the   feeling of a memory  here.  it is  affecting
4 THE DESCENDANTS –  blown   away  by   this..  everything worked.  Clooney  deserves    the  best  actor  oscar.  The  screenplay  was  so   well    done
5 HUGO – Scorsese fills me with     wonder
6 EXTRATERRESTRIAL –  Nacho  blends genres  here in  a  wonderful  way.  awesome
7  I  SAW THE DEVIL –  the hunter becomes  the hunted
8  SUPER 8 –  movie magic made me feel 12 years old  again
9.  13  ASSASSINS –  well  done   remake of ” 7  samurai”
10. BRIDESMAIDS –  avoided  this  forever.

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