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MICHELE WILLIAMS: Mr. Waters I’ll start with you. Tell us a little bit about the movie.

DAN WATERS: It’s a very simple tale about a man who gets a list of every woman he has ever had sex with and will ever have sex with and kind of just goes from there–with every possible permutation possible. We came to this festival that has a lot of violence, and I love violence, but I think sex is the thing that really needs some help right now cinematically. Sex needs help. If people could just take that from this movie.

MW: So Mr. Oswalt how do you fall into this thing?

PATTON OSWALT: Well it’s interesting, Daniel Waters called me up and said, “Patton Oswalt I know you are so busy with Ratatouille being the voice and everything, you have your album out on Sub Pop called Werewolves and Lollipops, and your still so busy with King of Queens, and your touring, and I always read on PattonOswalt.com all the dates you have coming up, but if you could possibly squeeze in some time to do my movie Sex and Death 101 and play the…what do I play?”

DW: I like to think of you as the Shakespearian fool.

PO: That’s what I am I’m an all powerful idiot.

DW: A geek chorus.

PO: Yes, a geek chorus. And me and a really amazing actor named Tanc and Robert Wisdom from The Wire, is our little trio. So I’m the pastiest and chubbiest.

MW: And the most charming.

PO: Well yes, I didn’t want to be the one to say it, but thank you.

MW: So Pollyanna where do you fall in?

POLLYANNA MCINTOSH: I’m a lesbian astronaut by trade with my girlfriend Bambi– I’m Thumper she’s Bambi–and we decide on this particular date and time due to this mysterious email which comes from this god-like creature that we are going to do it with a chap. And who better than to do it with than Mr. Simon Baker as Mr. Roderick Blank.

PO: Nice segue. Wow.

SIMON BAKER: Um, I’m the straight man in the piece except for one little glitch there as you’ll see in the film. I play Roderick Blank who is the successful soon to be married Roderick Blank that runs a fast food chain. And I receive the email and I go through the process of coming to terms with the idea of 101 short little things. Not a good way to put it, really.

DW: He’s the guy that realizes there are at least 101 women on that list and he’s got to have sex with every woman on that list. Whether he wants to or not.

PO: Yeah, but they are sure things.

MW: Ah, that’s interesting. So, it looks like you guys got really close on set.

PO: How about we got really close 2 hours ago at the restaurant and we are very, very drunk.

PM: Shout out to the Wink restaurant.

PO: Thank you Wink restaurant for refilling our wine glasses and dissolving all of our consonants.

PM: My continence is fine.

PO: It’s Fatty and the Hot Ass Drunk—this fall on NBC! “I said consonants not continence!” Good Lord! Next week on Fatty and the Hot Ass Drunk…

MW: Mr. Waters you are one of a select few cult heroes that are here at the festival. Do you usually do the festival circuit?

DW: When I’m invited. I’m glad to be back. I lost my way a little bit writing Batman movies which is like, you know, having sex wearing 50 condoms. It’s not very liberating.

SB: I thought you were going to say awesome.

DW: Sorry. Never mind. I’ve retrained myself to go back and write a movie I want to see as opposed to working for the man.

MW: That’s excellent. I hear a lot of that—it’s kind of a theme with a lot of these films—people going back to their roots.

DW: When I moved out to LA I promised myself I would never get a job in Hollywood that would prevent me from writing and I realized I did get a job that prevented me from writing and it was called being a screenwriter.

MW: Dan, have you been to Austin before?

DW: You know I have been having this recurring dream and I don’t want to put this out there, but I have a recurring dream where I meet my wife in Austin. I almost didn’t get on a plane.

SB: He’s intimidated.

PO: He is staying at a Dude Ranch to avoid meeting his wife.

MW: Well I hope that you do and that it all works out. Simon, have you been to Austin before?

SB: No, this is my first time.

MW: Are you enjoying it so far?

SB: Well I’ve seen the hotel, the inside of the car on the way from the hotel to the restaurant and about 7 bottles of wine so I love it. The bats here are fantastic.

MW: Thank you all for sitting down tonight. Enjoy the rest of your time here.

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