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Intense. Marty did it again. Closing in on the big 70 and he is making films that are awesome. And this was that. A mindfuck to say the least. I saw this on Wednesday and have been thnking about it ever since. It rather disturbed me. Even upset me. I was  not sure I liked it, but I couldn’t shake it. You know what that  is?  That is mastery.  Scorcese has been creating amazing and affecting films  for 40 plus years. He just hits his prime again. I feel with this one he is paying homage to Polanski’s “Chinatown.” Maybe some Kubrick tossed in for good measure. The film is set for a journey down a famliar road but takes a detour. To say anymore would be criminal.I do wish to see this a 2nd time. This film was set for release in November but was pushed back. The performances are all top notch. I  recommend this. Sure it’s not gonna be for everyone. The way this film  resonated in my mind pushed me. This is the magic of film making and to  be able to do this still and be in big budgets is incredible.


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